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October 2011

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111001 [WGM FILMING] Ep. 3 - the 1st dinner + (part of) Ep.1 - giving out invitation and announcement
---------- [MBC WGM] TeukSo Preview

111006 [WGM FILMING] Ep. 4 – SR’s drama site + LT cameo, Ep.5 – airplane date
--------- [Others] LT & SR spotted at an airport in Busan filming for WGM
--------- [Others] SR at BIFF – spotted wearing the bracelet from LT + did the V-mission
--------- [TWITTER] LT: Too.E.L.F.^^ miss U…^^
111007 [TWITTER]
LT: Day after day i get really happy n I cherish my precious time!! Working hard to live my life!!! ^^
--------- [Others]
Sora spotted wearing the bracelet from LT at Busan Film Festival  APAN 2011 Red Carpet
--------- [Others]
Sungmin blog update: LTgive him wedding invitation
111008 [MBC WGM]
Ep. 1
--------- [Others]
LT spotted doing the V-mission at Music Core during A-Cha
--------- [TWITTER]
LT: 1st broadcast of WGM with Kang Sora, please give <3 & support
111009 [TWITTER]
LT: I really want to (say) a~~~cha(oops)!!!!!!!….ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Sungmin blog update: “Teukie hyung don’t get married…kkk i am opposed the marriage..really envy”
LT cyworld update: LT changed his cyworld background
111014 [SUKIRA]
talks about LT appears in SR's drama
111015 [MBC WGM]
Ep. 2
--------- [TWITTER]
LT: Tonight at 5:15! MBC We Got Married. Please watch it live!
111016 [SUKIRA]
LT talks about liking WGM a lot
--------- [SUKIRA]
"a human heart became strange in WGM" - LT
111017 [Others]
SR at 48th Daejong Award (Grand Bell Awards 2011) – spotted wearing the bracelet, doing the V-sign, mentioning Suju, A-cha & Mr. Simple in red carpet interview
111019 [SUKIRA]
LT likes actress KSR the best, and sing "sunny, sunny~" ( a lyric from SuJu-H Sunny)
111020 [WGM FILMING]
Episode 6, 7 and (part of) 8 – the school date
--------- [NEWS]
there’ll be no WGM on 22nd
--------- [SUKIRA]
LT said he just came back from a date with KSR and the school he visited today is actually his school.
111021 [SUKIRA]
talk about asking ladies’ phone numbers + talk about ideal type (Eunhyuk said he know LT is SR’s)
111022 [TWITTER]
LT:  We Got Married will not be aired today because of baseball match, sad ㅠ..though StarKing will soothe that sadness, a lot of awesome people really come out for today’s StarKing. I hope you will all watch it! ^^
--------- [Others]
Leeteuk fly to NYC
--------- [NEWS]
WGM will be air because of the cancellation of the baseball game due to heavy rain
--------- [Others]
--------- [MBC WGM]
Ep. 3
111023 [Others]
SM town NYC
--------- [TWITTER]
LT: “I‘ve never been surrounded by men like that before… Even I graduated middle school and high school that are only for boys ㅋㅋㅋ… hahaha Yeah That’s My school..ㅋㅋ” + a fantaken pic of WGM filming at his school.
--------- [SUKIRA
] LT - feeling jealous when wife talk with some other guy

111026 [TWITTER]
LT: tweet a poet about love
--------- [TWITTER]
LT: LT is being lonely – 2 tweet about being lonely/getting lonelier
--------- [TWITTER]
SR: 2 photos from a photoshoot

111029 [TWITTER]
LT: missing/want to watch WGM
--------- [NEWS]
No WGM airing because of a baseball game broadcast
111031 [TWITTER]
SR: tweet a selca

LT: Leeteuk
SR: Sora

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