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November 2011

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111101 [Others] Leeteuk revealed in Strong Heart to ever had a crush on his label-mate, Dana
111102 [WGM Filming] Episode 8 - Date at Cafe near Sukira KBS Radio Station
--------- [TWITTER] Sora Twitpic behind the scene of "Women of Our Home" 
111103 [Others] Sora received new icon award at SIA 2011, did "dorkey dance"
--------- [SUKIRA] Eunhyuk revealed Leeteuk using the computer to look at Sora
--------- [SUKIRA] Leeteuk did similar "dorkey dance" while looking at the computer
111104 [TWITTER] Leeteuk wanted to change his hairstyle
--------- [Others] Sora at Lotte for Buckaroo Jeans fan-signing
111105 [MBC WGM] Episode 4 On Air 
111106 [Others] Sora as Special DJ, thanked Leeteuk for 2 songs dedicated to her, SHE & Miss You 
--------- [SUKIRA] Leeteuk praised Sora as DJ and admitted that he missed Sora
111107 [Others] Released of Huh Gak's MV Teaser "I Told You" where Sora took part
111108 [SUKIRA] Leeteuk said he would sing "Hello" by Huh Gak if Sora visited the radio
--------- [SUKIRA] Leeteuk in one of his answer to the fans mentioned he is already married
111109 [Others] Leeteuk was sited at Korea Food Expo 2011
111111 [SUKIRA] Leeteuk was asked by Eunhyuk whom he likes between Miss A and Wonder Girls, and he answered that he likes Sora
111112 [MBC WGM] Episode 5 On Air 
111113 [Others] Filming of Sunny Parody by Super Junior
111114 [TWITTER] Sora thanked fans for sharing Leeteuk's Video and mentioned that Leeteuk is taking care of her a lot
111116 [SUKIRA] Open Concert
111118 [WGM Filming] Episode 9 - Sora visited SUJU at SS4 Seoul rehearsal
111119 [MBC WGM] Episode 6 On Air 
--------- [SS4] Seoul - Day 1
111120 [SS4] Seoul - Day 2
--------- [WGM Filming] WGM Episode 10 - Leeteuk proposed to Sora in SS4 Seoul
111122 [Others] SUJU received awards from Youtube KPOP'11 as one of the most viewed artists
--------- [Others] Sora was spotted wearing the ring Leeteuk gave when interviewing with Asia Today
--------- [SUKIRA] Leeteuk & Eunhyuk would be leaving Sukira. Leeteuk mentioned it was not because of WGM and no honeymoon plan yet
111124 [Others] Leeteuk is one of the main MC in Melon Music Award 2011 
111125 [TWITTER] Leeteuk tweeted to Sora saying that he is her fan
--------- [Others] Sora in Blue Dragon Awards mentioned that her dress' concept is for her husband, Leeteuk
111126 [MBC WGM] Episode 7 On Air 
111127 [TWITTER] Leeteuk tweeted Sora to meet in SG and to follow him in twitter and he would be mad if she leaves him alone
111128 [TWITTER] Leeteuk tweeted Sora saying that he was sleepy 
111129 [TWITTER] Sora tweeted Leeteuk hwaiting for SUJU perfomance in MAMA SG
111130 [TWITTER] Leeteuk and Sora officially followed each other in twitter

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