Saturday, 31 December 2011

December 2011

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[TWITTER] LT: tweet about RedCross activity in Thailand
111203 [MBC WGM] Ep. 8
111204 [TWITTER] SR: ambiguous ‘I love you’ tweet – “Thank you! I love you! Happiness”
111206 [TWITTER]
LT: I’m watching you wherever you are … ^^ + a fantaken pic of him
111207 [TWITTER] SR: tweet a selca of her at the beach
111208 [Others] MNET Special – SuJu performed Bonamana
---------- [Others] Magazine – KSR pictorial for Women’s Central magazine
111210 [MBC WGM]
Ep. 9
---------- [TWITTER] LT/SR: both having dinner with their set of friends and tweet a picture each
111213 [Others]
LT: filming Mr.Simple 3D
111214 [TWITTER] LT: “Santa u are the one” + a pic of him from SMTown Winter Album
111215 [WGM FILMING] Ep. 11, 12 (WGM Christmas Special) – We Got Our Own World
111216 [TWITTER] LT/SR: LT tweet “Oppa, Oppa” and SR replied, “It’s daebak”
111217 [MBC WGM] Ep. 10
111218 [WGM FILMING] Ep. 13, 14 – Dimple House
111219 [TWITTER] LT tweeted about wanting to work on Christmas because he might get lonely
111220 [NEWS] 4 WGM Couple will host 2011 MBC Gayo Daejun – DC is one of them
111221 [Others] SSTP Radio - SR calls LT on SSTP
111222 [Others] MBC Entertainment - DC nominated for “Best Couple”
111223 [NEWS] KSR on Chosungah Raw cosmetic ad
---------- [Others] LT at KBS Music Bank
111224 [MBC WGM] Ep. 11 - Christmas Special (part I)
111225 [TWITTER] LT/SR: Fan tweet LT & SR wishing them Merry Christmas. SR replied “Merry Christmas”
---------- [NEWS] LT posted several tweet(s) on 24 & 25 Dec cause he seemed to be bored
111226 [TWITTER] LT tweeted about his mom’s coffee shop and that he will practice drinking Americano
111228 [Others] MBC Gayo Daejun rehearsal + photo preview
111229 [Others] SBS Gayo Daejun - LT sat on SungMin’s lap and the ring on SM finger was questioned as LT’s
111230 [Others] KBS 2011 Song Festival - SuJu Leeteuk only
111231 [MBC WGM] Ep. 11 - Christmas Special (part II)
---------- [Others] MBC Gayo Daejun – TeukSora MC

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